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Military order upholds justice in Bolivia massacre – Brenza Latin

Justice Minister Ivan Lima announced last December that former leaders of the real government’s armed forces (2019-2020) had been fired for refusing to provide information on the military’s involvement in those incidents and other repressive measures. Conspiracy against Evo Morales.

The new decree, led by General Caesar Vallejos, guarantees the development of investigations to bring justice to those responsible for the plight of many Bolivian families, when Pietra, of the La Rosn newspaper, intervened on the Papal y Tinda show.

He noted that the Interim Committee on Independent Experts (GIEI-Bolivia), which investigates acts of violence from September to December 2019, is receiving important information as requested by the Armed Forces.

According to official sources, former Commander of the Armed Forces Jaime Alberto Sabala, former Chief of Staff Civil Servants Miguel Angel Contrias and former Commander of the Air Force Fat Genro Ramos, former Caesar Moises Valejos Rocha Air Force Commander and former Commander of the Navy Javier de Javier.

On November 15, 2019, five people were killed and dozens injured in a clash between mobilized people who rejected a conspiracy against President Evo Morales and the police on the Hughulli Bridge in Sahaba.

The events documented by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights’ monitoring mission in Bolivia have been classified as serious violations, as well as the November 19 conflict in El Alto, La Paz.

Ten people were killed in a crackdown on anti-government protesters during a police-military operation to block roads from the Sengatta gas plant.

Former President Jeanine Shes, former ministers and former military leaders are in custody on charges of coup d’etat, treason and conspiracy.

Along with an unknown location on the presidency of former President Jerco Nice, Archbishop Murillo (government) and Fernando Lopez (security) were also illegally arrested outside the country.

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