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Migros: Money changers warn against meatloaf

Migros: Money changers warn against meatloaf

Amazement upon exiting Migros at Zurich main station. A reporter wants to buy a meatloaf – but is stopped by the cashiers.

The basics in brief

  • Now reporter wants to buy meatloaf in Migros on Wednesday evening.
  • Upon checkout, three employees warned them not to “eat” the product.
  • They cannot give a reason. “They don’t want to tell us why.”

Confusion upon exit from Migros: A reporter looks at the sewer on Wednesday evening. she want im HB . Zurich Just go shopping for dinner: vegetables, bread, loaf.

But when you get out of the stalls seller. “She scanned all the merchandise, but looked at the meatloaf in amazement on her screen,” the reporter reports. The cashier tries to wipe the cold pieces several times. Unsuccessful.

Finally, she called one of her colleagues for help. The women gathered their heads together, sulking. Then the cashier says, “You can’t buy that.” pardon?

Migros: Money changers warn against meatloaf

A third fellow rushes. She also seemed surprised, and then warned: “It is better not to eat!” When asked by the reporter, someone said, “We are no longer allowed to sell the product. But they don’t want to tell us why.”

Is the meatloaf contaminated does it contain listeria as it was a few years ago?

In Migros, it is said upon request that the meatloaf was “temporary and as a precaution due to the internally specified quality deviation”. a discount Taken.” What exactly that means is left open by the Orange Giant.

In the event of deviations, Migros immediately takes appropriate action. “We are working hard to screen our cold cuts and be able to deliver them to our customers again as quickly as possible at the usual quality.”

Would you rather go to Migros or the Barn?

The shelves are freshly stocked on a Wednesday evening in the frequented branch of the main train station. Thursday’s online query shows that the product is not available in the branch.

One thing is for sure: Exiting Migros raises the alarm when customers want to buy meatloaf. It happened yesterday – with readers, too.

When writes about the meatloaf ban, more and more readers reach out. The same is said to have happened at Migros Pilb PE. And not just there: “The same thing happened to me last night at Migros Zuffingen,” Evelyn L. And between: “I, too, refused an explanation.”

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