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Migros makes a new attempt with a plastic collection bag

After suspending the first project for a short period last summer, Migros will start a second attempt in central Switzerland on Monday. Migros Lucerne cooperative organization is taking over, Migros spokesperson Patrick Stauber confirmed to Blake. Migros Lucerne works in the cantons of Lucerne, Zug, Aubwalden, Nidwalden, Uri and Schwyz. Initially, 64 branches will offer collection bags.

Migros’s eco offensive is requiring Swiss households to collect plastic packaging separately in the future. The filled bags are placed in the collection containers, which are also placed in the branches. According to Blick, they are being charged.

In an initial pilot project last summer, Migros announced that after the pilot phase in central Switzerland, the project would be expanded to include the cooperatives Geneva, Neuchâtel-Friborg, Vaud and Valais. This was followed later by the large cooperatives “Ari”, “Eastern Switzerland” and “Zurich”.

But it was said at the time that customers should first purchase plastic collection bags. Migros wanted to offer them in sizes of 17, 35 and 60 liters. A roll of ten bags costs 9, 17 or 25 francs. The goal is to be able to cover project costs with income.