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Migrants "Farewell Germany" Steve Gerkel and Peggy Jerovki took third place

Migrants “Farewell Germany” Steve Gerkel and Peggy Jerovki took third place

The immigrant couple wants to know this

From Malle straight to the celebrity post: That “Goodbye Germany”Husband Stefan “Steve” Gerkel (53) and Peggy Jerofke (44) will be turning their backs on their homeland for a few weeks and fighting for victory in 2021 at Somerhouse Deer Stars. After all, meeting seven other famous couples isn’t the first hurdle that Steve and Peggy manage to overcome. What makes the relationship between the two so special, they reveal in the video.

Video: The anticipation is very high among the new couples in the summer house

“The Battle of Reality Stars” in preparation for the summer house

In fact, Steve was born in Hamburg, but when he met Peggy in Arenal in 1998, everything changed – if not immediately. The summer house couple immigrated to Mallorca in 2009 and opened a Greek restaurant there. One restaurant will soon be multiple – Steff and Peggy can really feel comfortable in their own villa in Malle. Since 2014, they have been regularly accompanied by the VOX team in the documentary film “Goodbye Germany” for immigrants.

Steff and Peggy have been in business for 15 years

But what about the wedding? Who knows: maybe Steff and Peggy will finally put on a cover after “Summer House of the Stars.” (Stupid)

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