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Migrant caravan heads to the United States

Migrant caravan heads to the United States

Dozens of migrants head north on foot from Tapachula. DBA / Daniel Diaz

In southern Mexico, a new caravan of immigrants has formed towards the United States. Thousands of men, women and children made their way north from the city of Tapachula on the border with Guatemala on Monday, nearly in time for the start of the America Summit in Los Angeles, which US President Joe Biden plans to open after a preliminary meeting. Wednesday. The immigrants are mainly from Venezuela. According to local media reports, there were at least 6,000 people on the road, and activists spoke of more than 10,000.

“Today we say to the heads of state and government of the United States and all nations gathered at the American Summit: immigrant families are not a vehicle for exchanging ideological and political interests,” said activist Luis García Villagran, who accompanied the caravan. journalists. The southern border is no one’s backyard.

Immigration deal planned at America summit

As a first destination, migrants wish to apply for humanitarian visas in the city of Tuxtla Gutierrez, 370 kilometers away, from which they can move freely through Mexico. Many immigrants are arrested at the US border.

Among other things, the immigration agreement will be reached at the US summit. However, due to dissatisfaction with the policy of advocacy pursued by the United States government, some presidents, including Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, whose country is an important partner of the United States on immigration issues, refused. According to media reports, the authoritarian countries of Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba were not invited by the US government.