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Microsoft Surface Pro and Co: Event Preview

Microsoft Surface Pro and Co: Event Preview

Microsoft’s announced event will start in exactly one week. You can see two Microsoft Surface Pro, maybe a cell phone and more.

The basics in brief

  • On September 22, Microsoft will showcase several devices running Windows 11 at an event.
  • Among the candidates are four new computers and tablets from the Surface lineup.
  • A new smartphone can also be seen from the Redmonders.

In time for ‘Techtember’, I’ll also reach out next week windowsMicrosoft developer With hardware event. On this occasion, it’s probably all about your Surface lineup. “The Verge” now provides a detailed preview of the event and what to expect in advance.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 and Surface Pro X

Titled ‘Microsoft Surface Pro’, the Redmond-based company powers flagship phones the computer. Last year’s Pro 7 and Pro X should get a hardware upgrade within a week. Both devices could come with new screens with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz.

A new ARM processor must be installed in the Pro X, although a new Pro 8 is possible Intel CorporationHe received the eleventh generation chips. Increased performance can both Devices for the upcoming Windows 11 To need it.

Surface Book 4 redesign

A 120-core screen and more performance is also missing for the new Surface Book. But it is probably the only one among the new devices that comes with a completely new look. Instead of a removable keyboard, there is probably a new hinge mechanism. A similar design is known from competing products such as the HP Elite Folio.

Surface Go 3 Compact

in Microsoft mini– New tablet recently Details through leak leaked. Accordingly, there should be slight visible changes here as well. Improvements also happen under the hood with the 10.5-inch machine.

Microsoft Surface Duo: Second

Last but not least, it remains to be seen if Microsoft will dare a second try with its dual-screen phone. As for the Microsoft Surface Duo, there are currently rumors of a triple camera and a new processor in the room. This means that the new iteration must also go along with the “normal” flagship.

What you’ll finally see at this event will likely only be revealed on September 22nd. Above all, the next generation Microsoft Surface Pro is almost guaranteed.

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