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Microsoft Outlook is currently causing issues with disappearing emails

Microsoft Outlook is currently causing issues with disappearing emails

Several users are currently reporting problems with Microsoft Outlook. When writing emails, the text disappears. Should help restart.

The basics are in brief

  • Since last night, many users have been experiencing problems with Outlook.
  • The text in mail messages appears to disappear as you type.
  • Microsoft has already confirmed the problem and is working on a solution to it.

At night from Tuesday to Wednesday, more and more crashes appeared in Microsoft Outlook. Users reported that email messages can no longer be viewed or written. Microsoft itself confirmed the problem surprisingly quickly And processed.

Microsoft Outlook needs to restart

Above all, the disturbances must appear in the program itself and Not in the browser interface. However, the isolated reports also indicate problems with the Microsoft Edge browser itself Twitter Keep the company informed about working on the solution.

Meanwhile, the problem should be resolved by Microsoft. Sometimes, however, user reports of the same network crashes keep popping up. The advice based on Redmond to restart the program at least once, The problems should not go away.

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