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Microsoft is working on advanced Windows settings for Dev Home

Microsoft is working on advanced Windows settings for Dev Home

Microsoft is working on expanded Windows settings for the recently launched Dev Home app for Windows 11. Microsoft is already targeting developers with Dev Home, but end users should also be able to take advantage of the app’s functionality through the changes.


New features of Dev Home for Windows 11

This comes from a report by Newin Magazine Online Outside. Microsoft is now working on additional functionality for the new app and has some thoughts on the subject The project homepage is posted on GitHub. There are some promising approaches. That’s how it stands Dave Home app Windows 11 has yet to gain features for developers aimed at making code authors’ lives easier.

However, Microsoft wants to go one step further and provide the application with “Advanced Windows Settings”, an area with additional options and settings that require more complex actions to turn them on, off or adjust. But the project team has not provided any details yet.

Microsoft announced the idea in the Dev Home GitHub repository, and now wants to hear feedback and ideas about what options or features should be included in Advanced Windows Settings. The post acknowledges that developers will want to change many settings or registry keys that are “inaccessible through the Settings app” or “hard to find in the operating system.”

There are these suggestions:

  • Give developers more control over system settings and advanced behaviors.
  • Helping developers discover powerful settings that can improve daily workflow and computing performance.
  • Create a unified UI to manage/customize new developer experiences on Windows (e.g. native file explorer + version control integration) so we can quickly develop new features/customizations.
  • Collaborate with the developer community to identify additional settings that might be useful to incorporate into the tool.
  • It can be easily written and applied to new and/or existing devices.

“Ultimately, Windows Advanced Settings will give developers (and end users) more control over their computers, provide access to new or experimental features of developer workflows, and increase awareness of features that can improve their experiences. Think of it as a substitute Microsoft said PowerToys is aimed at developers.

Microsoft also makes clear that Advanced Windows Settings is not intended to replace options and features in Settings (> System > For Developers) or other settings throughout the app, or to customize and enhance Windows computers.


  • Microsoft is improving the Dev Home app for Windows 11
  • The new functionality aims to help developers and users
  • “Advanced Windows Settings” is planned.
  • Comments are required on GitHub for features
  • Make it easier to access hidden settings
  • More control over system settings for developers
  • There is no alternative to the current intended options

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