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Microsoft is experimenting with changes to the taskbar search

Microsoft tests for Windows 11 New improvements to the taskbar search in the beta channel. Update KB5021304 also introduces improvements to voice control and thus to operation with physical limitations.

An optional update can now be started in the Windows 11 Insider Program. As usual, there are two builds in the beta channel: builds 22621.1037 and 22623.1037. This dichotomy has been going on for a long time, with only higher build users automatically getting new features enabled by default.

The changes shown are now listed in KB5021304. Since this is only an optional Insider update, the information is not available in the Knowledge Base. Instead, there’s a sweeping change to the Windows blog. The expanded test of improved taskbar search is particularly interesting. Microsoft is currently experimenting with changing the look of the integrated search window.
Test in the taskbar

Build 22621.1037 and 22623.1037

As an explanation of the changes contained in the Windows blog:

In this release, we continue to experiment with different remedies for how the taskbar search looks. We’d love to hear your feedback on this, so please let us know what you think about the different remedies via the feedback center on your PC. Once this experience has taken place, you have the option to change how search in the taskbar is handled. Tasks in Settings under Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Taskbar Items.”

We have translated other innovations and improvements for each of the builds and summarized them at the end of the article. However, the bulk of the changes in these versions are bug fixes. Among other things, this fixed a bug that caused explorer.exe to crash in connection with recent changes to the taskbar. This shouldn’t happen anymore. Also fixed an issue that could cause the task manager to become unresponsive when using the search box at the top of the task manager.

Participate in the beta test

If you’re not in the Windows 11 beta tests, you can still join at any time. This is mainly useful if you get already tested options via the beta channel or release preview channel so that you can use them before anyone else.

New in Beta Channel – Voice Control improvements

  • Language access is now more flexible and supports interacting with UI controls that have different names, such as for example:
    • Names that contain numbers, eg b. in the Calculator app, where you can now directly say “Tap 5”.
    • Names without spaces between them, eg b. In Excel on the Insert tab, you can interact directly with UI controls such as PivotTable and PivotChart by saying “Click Pivot Table” or “Click Pivot Chart”.
    • Names with special characters, eg b. Items such as “Bluetooth and devices” or “Connectivity”. You can now say “Tap Bluetooth & Devices” or “Tap Dialer” and interact with these UI controls.
  • We have improved horizontal scrolling.
  • We’ve also added support for UI controls such as rotation controls, thumb controls, and split buttons.

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Windows 11, Microsoft Windows 11, Windows 11 Logo, Windows 10 Successor, Windows 11 wallpapers, Windows 11 wallpaper