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Microsoft is again testing an improved update process for Windows 11

Microsoft released another update for Windows Insiders ahead of the long Easter holiday. This time it is a cumulative update that serves only one purpose: to test the improved update process for windows 11.

Anyone using the Windows 11 Insider Program will now receive a cumulative update after the latest updates Microsoft released last week. This insider cumulative update is now just a test run of the update delivery itself. So only the improvements that the team has included in the update process, ie the routine by which new Windows updates are delivered, are being tested in the past few weeks.

The new version is build number 22598.100 (KB5014100) and will be distributed to Insiders in the Dev and Beta channels.

Updates are always changing

Little is known to what extent these improvements now also lead to noticeable changes among users. Microsoft strives to shorten the update routine and thus improve the update experience for each update. One goal is to make update packages significantly smaller and redistribute them so that restarts can begin early. The new cumulative update does not bring anything else new, as stated in the Windows Blog.

4/15/2022: “We have started rolling out cumulative update version 22598.100 (KB5014100). This update does not contain any new features and is intended to test our maintenance pipeline for installations in development and beta channels.”

Many innovations, including visual ones

By the way, changes to the update process for Windows 11 are not only developed. Moreover Windows 10 users You will benefit from the improvements. Microsoft has been busy for months rebuilding generally available updates. For Patch Day, there are not only security-related changes, but also new functions and features. In addition, the Windows team is releasing these innovations with optional updates before Patch Day.

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