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Microsoft has launched Windows 11 Media Player for all Windows 10 users

A few weeks ago, we reported that Microsoft is using a Windows 11 It also introduced a completely redesigned media player initially Windows 10 users progress. Now the application has been widely distributed.

This means that soon every Windows 10 user will be able to install the new app. Microsoft has already started testing its new media player with Windows 11 Insiders in November 2021. At the end of last year, it was announced that the new app would also be available for Windows 10.

However, the splash has another reason, because the new media player will replace the Groove Music app on Windows 10 devices (via office moder).

Groove Music used to be the default music player app on Windows 10. That’s about to change now that Microsoft has started replacing Groove Music on Windows 10 with the new Windows Media Player.

Media player in the App Store

Windows 10 Release Preview Channel Insiders were the first to try the app. The new Windows Media Player is now available in the Microsoft Store, which has begun to be widely distributed. This means that the app is now gradually being offered to all users via the store. But we know from the past that sometimes you need a little patience. Such a rollout can take weeks.

replace automatically

If you want to see if a new media player is available to you under Windows 10, you can search the Store via the Library (bottom left) and then search for the new version via Get Updates (top right). When the update is available, all you have to do is start the installation process, and the rest works automatically. After installation, the old Groove Music app was replaced by the new media player.

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