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Microsoft Edge just got more intrusive

Microsoft Edge just got more intrusive

Microsoft Edge is one of the most intrusive browsers ever. Windows 11 may make it more complicated to switch the default browser.

The basics in brief

  • The current preview of Windows 11 forces users to use Microsoft Edge.
  • Changing the standard browser is more complicated than in Windows 10.

Windows 11 It will make it difficult for users to change the default browser. This is the case at least in the current preview version, as reported by the specialized portal “The Verge”.

After clicking on a link for the first time, the prompt appears as usual, den Standard-Browser. normal browser to pick. Here for example Google Chrome checked, but you forgot to tick “Always use this browser” Microsoft Edge default browser automatically.

With Windows 10, this setting can still be modified relatively easily afterwards. in present Windows 11 preview It looks different: the user has to manually set the preferred browser for each file type: HTM, HTML, WEBP, HTTPS, etc.

There are criticisms from various quarters for this. the For Android devices and Senior Vice President of Chrome google For example, he complains in a tweet by analogy: “And something like that from a company that claims to be the most open. I hope this limitation applies to preview only.”

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