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Microsoft brings the operating system to the cloud

Microsoft brings the operating system to the cloud

Microsoft brings its Windows 365 operating system to the cloud in a way that is more accessible than many other cloud solutions.

The basics in brief

  • Microsoft will start the Windows 365 cloud service on August 2nd.
  • This means that users can easily use Windows in the cloud.
  • The service is initially available only to business customers.

with Windows 365 She has Microsoft about a low-threshold cloud version of its operating system. This can be accessed from any device that has an updated browser. It does not matter if it is a Windows laptop, IPADAnd the Androidsmart phone or Chromebook.

The user’s session is constantly saved. Meaning: If the broadcast session is terminated on your home computer, it can be done later on the train on the smartphone It can continue to run smoothly where the user left off.

As the American specialized portal “The Verge” wrote, users can choose between two versions: Windows 365 Business and Enterprise. Both will be with Azure Virtual Desktop Working. The user can configure the performance of the computer as desired.

From one computing core with 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of memory to eight cores with 32 GB of RAM and half a terabyte of memory.

The new offer will be available to business customers from August 2. Microsoft has not yet announced a release date for private customers. There is still no information on the conditions.

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