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Michi gets a basket and gets out!

Michi gets a basket and gets out!>Broadcast>

Michy appeared suddenly in Berlin in February 2021

On February 19, 2021, the MichiPod made a surprise appearance to Iphone Gizza Zak’s birthday at GZSZ-Kiez. But why, in fact? In the interview at the time, Lars Pape (50) revealed: “Michie was fired from his ex-girlfriend Mooney at home – on Hasby – because she started something with his friend Manny. He also discovered by chance that his son Moritz was in Berlin, he lost his job as a physical therapist Because he broke up a bit in the bar because of the breakup with Moni, drowned a lot and then returned to work often late. ” But this time is now coming to an end. On Friday, May 28, the role of Michi can be seen one last time in Kolle-Kiez. Reason? His heart is broken …

Spoilers warning! So Rolle Michi leaves GZSZ-Kiez

Before Lars GZSZ turns his back on, we meet him for a farewell interview. The 50-year-old reveals more about his latest scene in Kolle-Kiez. “Michi came to Berlin in a very miserable state – without a wife, without work, without any real prospects. Then Marin came. Because his love did not really return her, he is now leaving Berlin laughing and crying that he loves Marin madly and sadly that they did not become a married couple in the beginning. But he’s also leaving with the certainty that he’s had a great time with amazing people. During that time he has grown and above all I noticed that Haspe is not the center of the world, “says Lars.

When he thinks about his farewell, there’s one thing Lars in particular will miss – his great teammates, because his heart has really grown, as Lars tells us: “It sounds cliché quickly when you say how cool everything was – but I just had a really good time with my wonderful mates: In and behind camera.I felt really good for the four months, I enjoyed going to “work” every day and Michie was with me. I would never have thought that the last day was so emotional and saying goodbye so hard – and the whole production played such a big part in it! What if Michi Mann doesn’t get it at some point will end up in Berlin again. ”

Lars Pape in his role as GZSZ Michi Bode will be on TV for the final time on Friday May 28, 2021 at 7:40 PM. It can actually be watched on TVNOW.

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