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Michelle throws the towel - Erkan is amazed!

Michelle throws the towel – Erkan is amazed!

Incredible bachelor Erkan Akyol: candidate Michele voluntarily abandons the rose.

The basics in brief

  • Candidate Michelle rejects Rose’s Bachelor’s staff.
  • Aurelia must also pack her bags.
  • Six other candidates are fighting for their bachelor’s degree.

Single women tear themselves up around him: bachelors Arkan Akyol (29) is used for female attention. The Winterthur man is even more surprised when 21-year-old candidate Michelle voluntarily throws in the towel.

“Unlike other ladies, I couldn’t form feelings for you,” she explains. 1.98 chicken. “There are some here who really love you. I don’t want to take a chance on them.”

Erkan is stunned: “I did not expect this. But you are a wonderful woman, and I hope you will find a great man – I already envy him. “

bitterness – bitter: Aurelia too (22) must Pack their bags, although in fact The Bachelor still had a rose to give away. “I still can’t give it to you, Aurelia,” Erkan explains. “I couldn’t develop any feelings for you.”

There are only six left…

Who will take the last rose?

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