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Michelle Hunziker does it again with Eros Ramazzotti

Michelle Hunziker does it again with Eros Ramazzotti

What does “Duttori” Giovanni Angiolini say about this? Michelle Hunziker dances in the new video of her ex-husband, Eros Ramazzotti.

The basics in brief

  • Michelle Hunziker and ex-husband Eros Ramazzotti get along wonderfully.
  • Now the moderator is playing his new video.

Whoops, isn’t that Michelle Hunziker (45 years old) in the new video for beloved singer Eros Ramazzotti (58 years old)?

yes she is! Together with her daughter Aurora (25), the beautiful presenter performs in the Eros clip. In the “Ama” video, the former little family dances in abundance in front of the camera. The women wear sunglasses and suits and clearly enjoy performing with Ramazzotti.

song about the love in its various forms. Among the things mentioned in the translation:the love You are liberated because you are also reborn every time you fall in love again… the love Everywhere has a thousand faces. »

What does Michel Hunziker’s new lover, Giovanni Angiolini (40), say about so much intimacy? He shouldn’t be excited about a lot of physical contact…

What do you think of Michelle and Aurora’s appearance in the new Eros video?

Eros and Michele got together in 1996. Aurora’s daughter was born in the same year. They married in 1998, separated in 2002 and finally divorced in 2009.

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Dear Michelle Hunziker,