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Michael Wendler: Next Tenant Makes Disgusting Allegations

“It was terrible”

Subsequent tenant raises disgusting allegations against Michael Wendler

The move of Michael Wendler and Laura Muller made his neighbors happy. However, his next tenant is horrific. Because the scandalous pop singer allegedly left the house in a disgusting state.


Michael Wendler and Laura Muller moved on.

Wherever Michael Wendler (50) appears, he’s causing trouble. His next tenant confirms this once again. Together with his wife, Laura Muller, 22, the scandalous pop singer moved out of his home in Punta Gorda, Florida, in the summer.

According to the next tenant, he was said to have left the property in a disastrous state. Next tenant Jodi made these claims on ProSieben “Taff”: “On the day of the delivery he was still here, all his things were everywhere. The house was supposed to be clean, but it was disgusting!”