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Michael Rauchenstein's beard is making a fuss

Michael Rauchenstein’s beard is making a fuss

Michael Rauchenstein premiered this week as a spokesperson for “Tagesschau” on SRF. His beard is controversial.


The basics in brief

  • Former Brussels correspondent Michael Rauchenstein replaced Franz Fischlin at Tagischau.
  • The trademark of the 32-year-old is his beard.
  • It is precisely this that is currently causing the discussions.

SRF has one since this week The new “Tagesschau” broker: Former Brussels correspondent Michael Rauchenstein (32). Schwyzer follows in the footsteps of Franz Fischlin (59), who left the station after more than 20 years.

At Tuesday’s premiere, Rauchenstein was as self-confident as ever. There is only one thing that divides souls: facial hair The 32-year-old.

on me Twitter Some viewers are annoyed by this. The viewer complains of the “unkempt” beard. One onlooker writes: “It would be great if Mr. Roshenstein shaved off for his new job.”

Expert: Bart is a “project”

But is that really bad about the TV man’s facial hair? Adeddine Belaid, a star hairdresser It has its own salons in Zurich. He and his team have already helped several brokers with their beards.

When asked by, the barber said, “At the moment, it looks like Michael Rauchenstein is growing a beard. It’s normal to first look at where to start. Personally, I think he can let it grow and then find the optimal length.”

A beard is always an “endless project”, in the words of Eddine Belaid.

Do you like bearded men?

SRF defends Raushenstein’s beard

Employer SRF also finds Rauchenstein’s beard suitable for cameras. Marcus Kohler, head of the mask, explains that hairstyles and beards are in any case a private matter of the moderators. «Whether mediators wear a beard; This is your personal decision. As long as they are trimmed regularly and well taken care of, we have no objection to it.”

One might welcome the fact that Rauchenstein, unlike fellow clean-shaven Florian Einhauser (54) and his predecessor Fischlin, has a beard. Markus Koller: “We get the impression that such a good mix has been created and that we have very different types in front of the camera.”

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