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Michael Jordan worn pants for auction!  - American sports

Michael Jordan worn pants for auction! – American sports

So fans can be very close to basketball icon Michael Jordan (58)!

Crazy, in the American auction house “Leylands” from New Jersey you can now buy clothes from the legend of the NBA from the Chicago Bulls. Among other things, a camel-hair coat Jordan wears, suits he wears, tie – and panties that he personally wears as his “identity”!


Jordan was inside: Michael Jordan is said to have been wearing these underwear . Jordan says

Photo: Lelands Auction

The company “Lelands” advertises underwear like this: “It is worn regularly. It shows obvious signs of wear and some loose threads appear at the seams.”

A label that says “Michael Jordan” and a label of a cleaning company called “Wozniak” must be attached to the underpants.

Unfortunately, it is not known if Jordan ever wore the underpants in one of his games.

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Source: BILD

Items come from John Michael Wozniak’s personal collection. He was Jordan’s longtime bodyguard, is considered a friend and also appeared in the Netflix documentary The Last Dance. It is said that everything was given to him by Jordan.

What’s up for auction:

  • cashmere coat
  • Camel color coat
  • black coat
  • Five suits
  • Three tailored shirts
  • jacket and jacket
  • eight links
  • Four belts
  • two shirts
  • golf club
  • Bag with photos, business cards and magazines
  • pair of underwear
Initial bid for this coat worn by Jordan is $500

Initial bid for this coat worn by Jordan is $500

Photo: Lelands Auction

Bids start at $100, $300 and $500 and run through September 25th. By the way, Jordan knickers have been offered for $1299 so far.


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