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Michael Deggin dies at the age of 90

Actor Michael Degen died, today, Saturday, in Hamburg, at the age of 90, Rollo Publishing House in Berlin announced, Tuesday. “We mourn and grieve for a person and artist who touched and warmed his enthusiasm and enthusiasm, and his various works will remain,” the statement read.

Deggin has recently become familiar to a large television audience, mainly thanks to the ARD crime series “Donna Lyon”. In it he embodied the “Vice Questor Bata” for years. The artist previously had success in many classic, modern and entertaining roles on the main stages, as well as in film and television. He worked with great directors such as Peter Zadek (1926-2009), Claude Chabrol (1930-2010) and Ingmar Bergman (1918-2007), and also directed films himself. Degen and his wife Susan Storm have four children.