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MIA.  They play at Rio Reiser Fest 2022 at Platz der Kulturen in Unna

MIA. They play at Rio Reiser Fest 2022 at Platz der Kulturen in Unna

Each year, the Rio Reiser is honored with a cultural event in Unna because it has supported the cultural scene in Unna. This is usually one of the highlights of the events calendar.

Mia creates music full of passion, diversity and joy of life. They will be on stage at the Great Rio Reiser Festival in Lindenbrauerei. © UWE_WALTER

Every year, UNA celebrates one of the most famous German rock and pop musicians of the 20th century with the Rio Rieser Festival in Platz der Kulturen. It is an important event for the Lindenbrauerei team every year. He’s already looking forward to being able to announce great musicians again this year. Among other things, Mia will be on stage.

On Saturday, August 20, this year’s Great Festival of Cultures will take place. With songs like “Hungriges Herz”, “Dance of the Molecules”, “Parachute” or “Head Over”, Mia confidently guarantees full dance floors and legendary concerts. In March 2020, their current album “Limbo” was released, with which the band will go on a festival tour and concert again this summer.

Molasses kicker is also included. The current album “Vagabund” by Kicker Dibs from Berlin is an album about running and losing yourself, singing and dancing in the apartment, and an album for wandering, longing, curling up at home and dreaming at the bar. Upon their debut, Berlin’s Kicker Dibs often tells highly personal stories of eight songs that hit the nerves of the era with astonishing clarity.

Flinte and suppliers will also be on stage like other businesses.

It starts at 6 pm. Tickets are available on the Lindenbrauerei website. Admission 19.99 euros in advance.