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Mexico’s Presidential Opposition Judge – Brenza Latina exposes abuse

District Judge Gomez Fierro awarded 27 amber to an equal number of private companies, particularly the Spanish Iberoi, thus stopping the use of legal reform and eliminating exaggerated concessions to the private sector, which would be detrimental to users who pay electricity at higher rates.

The significance of this case is that the law suspended by that judge aims to restore Mexico’s energy sovereignty, which, according to the president, has been placed in the hands of the governments of Felipe Calderon and Enrique Pena Nieto. And other. Transnational.

That privatization almost demolished the Federal Energy Commission and the Patriolios de Mexico, which the government was reclaiming, but enforced in transnational order, which should have been subject to public mandate, but not above now.

Therefore, the President likens the reform of the law to the oil nationalization ordered in 1938 by the government of then-President Lesaro Cordenas.

Lopez Obrador, who has already appealed to the judiciary against the judge’s decision, revealed that the lawyer was amended by the Judicial Council 10 days ago. .

Today, he said, Council Judge Gomez has edited the page for Fierro and modified the defense resolution against the businessman for improper delivery.

The President explained that this decision of the Council against the Judge was very important because the false generalization of his judgment in his resolutions against the law reform is evidence, and that fact we are going to send as a complement to the evidence of wrongdoing by that Judge.

He criticized business representatives such as Gomez Fiero for tearing up their clothes, saying the government’s stance was interfering in the affairs of the judiciary, which was in fact an attempt to mediate the duties and responsibilities of the administration.

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