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Meßstetterinnen takes fourth place

Meßstetterinnen takes fourth place

Meßstetterinnen opened the competition on the uneven bars with a good performance. Compared to the first competition in Berkheim, the TSV increased significantly. Players passed the parallel bars routine with virtually no falls or rest. With 31.05 points, the third best parallel score of all teams was achieved.

Unfortunately, Meßstetterinnen could not call their training performance on the beam machine and had to accept four falls in the assessment. Only veteran Anne Aman did not fall and got a good 11.05 points. The intermediate result after two devices showed Meßstetten in seventh place.

proof of morals

The girls raised their heads and showed a fighting spirit on the ground. Well-executed exercises without mistakes or lapses helped the team to advance on the field. Elisa Kepinahan made her debut in the league team. She showed a lively earthly routine. Of particular note was Leonie Erisman’s high-quality floor exercise with a backward twist, which scored 10.6 points.

The Meßstetten was the last device to make the jump. Here coach Patricia Bodmer changed a few things in training. The changes were notable: five balanced classifications with impeccable jumps helped the women from Meßstetter to fourth in the final race.

low residue

In the end result, the tiny 0.6-point lead over third-placed Spvgg Heinriet was a bit annoying. Coach Bodmer summed it up: “Just one drop off the crossbar would have been enough for third place.” Four fighter Alida Stein was happy with sixth place in the singles standings.

Bodmer is optimistic that the team will also rise to the podium in the upcoming competition: “The good thing is that it is close to third again, next time we have another chance!” The next and final competition in the league round takes place on June 24 in Ingelfingen. There it will be shown which teams should go to relegation.