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Mess at ARD and Eurosport – “Now comment from your cell phone”

Mess at ARD and Eurosport – “Now comment from your cell phone”

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from: Vincent Fisher

ARD Disorder in Ruhpolding Biathlon. © ARD screenshot

Severe breakdown at the Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding. In the middle of a competition, live photos can no longer be seen on broadcast television.

Ruhpolding – a complete failure on Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding. Due to a technical glitch, TV stations were unable to ARD And Eurosport has suddenly stopped broadcasting live images from the competition in Chiemgau. This was due to a power outage at the site. Problems with the transformer station near the plaza are said to be responsible for the chaos.

Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding: ARD commentator with strange solution to TV chaos

In the middle of the individual race, the transmission had to be interrupted due to a power outage. ARD initially showed turbulence and then soon showed a documentary about Olympic biathlon champions Magdalena Neuner and Michael Grace. However, when the picture came back, the sound was missing at first.

In the meantime, Eurosport showed old photos and overtime with ads. Journalists on the scene also reported a complete failure of the monitoring equipment, and live recording was temporarily unavailable. Race itself has also been affected by the disorder. The lights went out in the shooting ranges for a short while. However, the International Biathlon Union (IBU) decided to evaluate the results in the afternoon.

‘It’s a joke’: Fan trouble after TV glitches at the Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding

Meanwhile, fans weren’t excited about the breakup. We got some feedback from you Twitter Summed up in the image of the disorder.

  • “It’s a joke.”
  • “The biathlon race in Ruhpolding is really very exciting.”
  • “today’s picture”.
  • “All races in Europe can be broadcast flawlessly. The race takes place in Germany and the explosions – endless troubles.”
  • “If you put Johannes Thingnes Bø on the treadmill, you’ll get enough power for the rest of the transmission.”

Later, ARD commentator Christian Dixen could be heard again – but with much worse sound quality. “I’m hanging from my cell phone right now,” he offers a curious explanation for this. The energy crisis has reached the city of Ruhpolding, there is not enough electricity. The lights on the windows also went out. It’s hard for athletes to shoot dark targets,” Dixon continued.

A complete fiasco of television images: the Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding becomes a fiasco for the organizers

After a few minutes the transmission disappeared again. This was the third time the complete fiasco had occurred. “The screens are black,” says Christian Dixen from Chimgau Arena. It seems the team on site couldn’t get the problems under control. Amazement was written all over the ARD commentators after the Mayhem Race ended.

For the organizers, the race is finally a fiasco. The problems arose in the run-up to the World Cup. The weather did not last in Upper Bavaria, the unusually mild temperatures caused a significant lack of snow at the Chiemgau Stadium. planted The snow from the previous year had to be taken out of the warehouses onto the road to be brought. (vfi)