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Mercedes in 2022 again as the silver arrow: 'No difference' for Hamilton

Mercedes in 2022 again as the silver arrow: ‘No difference’ for Hamilton

( – Mercedes has been driving Formula 1 in black since 2020, setting an example for more versatility. But last year, team boss Toto Wolff announced that he wanted to return to the iconic Silver Arrow design in 2022. According to Lewis Hamilton, that doesn’t change the racing team’s goals.

For the first time since the Winter 2020 tests, there should be a real Silver Arrow again in 2022


“I’m not involved,” Hamilton explains when asked about the 2022 design, “I didn’t expect it to stay that way for particularly long. We’re now going to do a second season with him, which is great. If it happens again.” [zum Silberpfeil] Coming back, that’s a good change.”

“But that doesn’t change the changes we’re making internally,” Hamilton said. “We have a good program, and that’s why we’re doing it,” Hamilton said. [die Lackierung] No difference. “When Hamilton renewed his contract with Mercedes earlier this year, the creation of a joint venture was also announced.

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We have injected a few million euros into the capital. Half of it comes from [Lewis], half comes from Mercedes,” team boss Wolff explained at the time, revealing: “The foundation is a long-term commitment for us, and we back it with a significant amount of millions. “

By comparison, the color of the race car plays a secondary role to Hamilton.