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Men's Curling Championship - It's getting uncomfortable for the Swiss - Sports

Men’s Curling Championship – It’s getting uncomfortable for the Swiss – Sports

Men’s curling championship – it’s becoming uncomfortable for the Swiss-athlete – Real Madrid CF

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  • Swiss maidens must bend in a ratio of 5:6 at the Olympic curling championships in Great Britain.
  • This means that Skip Peter de Cruz has 3 wins and 3 losses after 6 matches.
  • On Tuesday evening (2:05 am) Switzerland meets the United States.

After nearly 3 hours of playing and 10 endings, the last stone decided victory or defeat in the duel between Switzerland and Great Britain. Scots skip Bruce Mouat used the right of the last stone to take the 6-5 win for the British with a successful takeout.

For the Swiss team around Skip Peter de Cruz this was the third defeat in the sixth game. This means that CC Geneva will have to accept a setback in the fight for fourth place on the Round Robin, qualifying them to the semi-finals. Switzerland is currently tied for fourth place with the Russian national team and the United States of America.

Main match against the Olympic champion

He will face American Valentin Tanner, De Cruz, Sven Michel and Benoit Schwartz on Tuesday night. The victory over the 2018 Olympic champion will significantly increase the chances of the Swiss to advance in the semi-finals, especially since in this case they could win both in a direct duel against Russia and the United States. This could be decisive with the same number of wins at the end of round robin.

Switzerland’s other remaining competitors are host China and gold-favorite Sweden.

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