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Melting glaciers release 28 new types of viruses

Melting glaciers release 28 new types of viruses

Climate change is causing glaciers to melt faster and faster. Researchers have now discovered about 15,000 years of viruses released as a result.

The basics in brief

  • Researchers have discovered 28 new viruses in Tibet that are about 15,000 years old.
  • The cause of the appearance of the pathogen is thaw.
  • Scientists say there is likely to be a danger to living things today.

Climate change Causes a sharp decline all over the world iceberg. This releases viruses from the past, as results from researchers from the USA show.

A team led by Zhi-Ping Zhong of The Ohio State University has discovered more than 30 pathogens in the highlands of Tibet. This one is about 15,000 years old, quoted «CNNThe journal Microbiome published the results.

Four of them are said to have already been known, while 28 are new viruses. In the case of the pathogen, it is still not clear whether the genetic code appeared before. Samples were taken from the summit of Guliya Ice Cap in 2015.

Viruses do not come from humans

Viruses are said to have certain genetic signatures that enable them to survive the cold. Researchers assume that Viruses From a land Or plants come from. Accordingly, the pathogens are probably neither human nor animal.

According to the team, viruses are not harmful. After they are released, they can mutate and pass to animals or humans. It is particularly problematic that organisms today do not have any immunity to ancient pathogens.

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