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Melanie Mueller: Another neo-Nazi video came out

New scandal video

Melanie Mueller appears again with a neo-Nazi

Pop singer Melanie Mueller faces a new problem. After her scandalous concert and subsequent search of the house, a video is now circulating online in which she can be seen with a known neo-Nazi on the scene.


New neo-Nazi scandal about pop singer Melanie Mueller.

Melanie Müller, 34, the German pop singer and reality TV star, has long been said to be close to the center-right – a video shot in August bolsters those assumptions once again: a ‘jungle camp’ participant is seen at a freestyle fighting event, A kind of organized street fight. Next to her: the organizer Steffen S., who organizes such events throughout Germany. In the scene calling himself “La Vie”, he is masked in the video and said to be part of the rock and hooligan groups. It appears that the imperial eagle is tattooed across his chest. The symbol is very popular in neo-Nazi circles and, along with the Nazi swastika, is banned in Germany. The recordings also show how the singer repeatedly yelled at the boxer “Get in! Pull up!” Cheers — Mueller has often described himself as a fan of martial arts in the past.

The German had already denied to “Spiegel” that she knew of the relationship between the event and the environment of the neo-Nazis. The occasion was announced for her by her administration as a charity event – for an association from Leipzig, Germany, which takes care of grieving children. At the request of “picture” The organization confirmed that there was no sponsor behind it, and that no donations were received.