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Melania Trump asleep during the failure of Donald's election!

Melania Trump asleep during the failure of Donald’s election!

While husband Donald Trump criticized over election fraud, Melania Trump was in a deep sleep.

The basics in brief

  • Stephanie Grisham, a former spokeswoman for Trump, talks about her time in the White House.
  • According to her, Melania did not find Election Night 2020 exciting enough to stay awake.

As a former model, I know Former First Lady Melania Trump, 51, talks about the importance of good sleep. But now with his appearance, the native Slovenian slept during her husband’s big election victory. yupf!

At least that’s what Donald Trump claims (75) Former spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham (45) in her memoirs. Politico has an excerpt from the book before its publication. In it, Grisham reveals about Election Night 2020.

“I’ve been to many times [Melanias] He knocked on the room door, quietly at first, but louder each time. When she finally opened the door, she found Melania Trump deeply asleep.” The former spokeswoman speculates: “Melania probably thought someone would wake her if Donald won.”

has woken up First lady at that time Then just for his press conference at 2.30am. The former confidant finds this behavior strange. She writes, “I can’t imagine sleeping at such an important time.”

Suffered election night Donald Trump Big defeat. competitor Joe Biden (78) I passed it while counting. At that time, the ex-president believed in electoral fraud and his wife Melania also spoke of a conspiracy.

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