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"Megset is a misogynistic term"

“Megset is a misogynistic term”

Meghan and Harry have built a new life for themselves in the United States.BILD: Getty Images / Chris Jackson

Harry and Meghan caused quite a stir in the British royal family at the beginning of last year: the two announced that they wanted to bid farewell to their royal duties. Since April 1, 2020, they have not used the title “His Royal Highness” and from now on they live financially independent. Huge deals with Netflix Or though, Spotify quickly ensured that they made it down that path.

The former actress was soon seen as the driving force behind this serious decision, so the term “Megset” has proven itself. She shouldn’t have felt comfortable in her new role from the start. in one to interview She once said on British television station ITV: “When I first met Harry, my American friends were very excited and happy because I was happy. But my British friends said I shouldn’t do this because the British press is mine life will be destroyed. And because I’m American, I was too naive and didn’t understand it.”

Harry has repeatedly defended the 40-year-old and even posted a message on his website in which he spoke of an “unscrupulous campaign” against her. He also explained at a charity event, “When Meghan got married, we were excited and optimistic, and we were here to serve. For these reasons, I am very saddened that this happened.” The decision to resign my wife and I was not easy.”

as “the peopleNow, it is reported, Prince has now participated in a Wired magazine panel discussion on the topic of ‘Internet Lying Machine’. He was highly critical of the false allegations and commented on what he thinks of describing the royal retreat as megaxit.

Prince Harry makes clear statement about false allegations

In the discussion, Harry spoke out against false information in the media. “Disinformation is a global humanitarian crisis,” he said. And also: The term megasite was or is a misogynistic termCreated by a dwarf, circulated by reporters, it has grown and grown in the mainstream media. But it started with a dwarf.”

Harry also mentioned that he faced false allegations from the start. “I’ve personally felt it over the years and now watch it all over the world And it affects everyone, not just America, but literally everyone around the world,” Harry said.

“I learned from an early age that the incentives to publish do not necessarily coincide with the incentives to be honest.”

Finally, he also plunged into the dramatic fate of his mother Diana, who was murdered in a paparazzi hunt in 1997. “I know them a story Just very well. I lost my mother because of this self-made rageAnd, obviously, I’m determined not to be a mom either. children To lose the same.”