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Meghan Markle was five hours late to her tea party

Diva alert with Meghan Markle (41)!

The newly-minted royals invited the Duchess to morning tea while they toured Australia in 2018. But her guests had to hold out for a long time. Prince Harry’s wife (38) arrived five hours late!

Comedian Joel Creasy, 32, was in attendance at the time. Although he didn’t receive an invitation, he still didn’t want to miss the event – at least for the time being.

“I went and was five hours late,” he says on the “Fitzy & Wippa” radio show. “I made Madonna,” he jokes.

However, after a long wait, it has become a little too colorful for him. But just leave the event like that? Not with Megan!

“Can I go? It’s not important to me,” the security asked. Answer: No, we will arrest you. I’m sorry. What

Looking back, Chrissie takes the incident in good humour, jokingly saying, “It turned out to be easier to leave the royal family than to have one of their events.”

Anyway, the royal trip to Australia Meghan didn’t like at all at the time. In her book Palace Papers, author Tina Brown writes that the Duchess hates “every second”. Your guests must have felt it very well…