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Meghan Markle sends Heidi Klum a personal gift!

Meghan Markle sends Heidi Klum a personal gift!

Heidi Klum received a royal gift! Meghan Markle surprised the supermodel with something very special.

The basics in brief

  • Heidi Klum is looking forward to a very special post.
  • The top model was personally introduced by Meghan Markle.
  • In her Instastory she thanks the Duchess.

Who would have thought that!

Heidi Klum (48 years old) is allowed via royal mail looks forward. Meghan Markle (39) sent the supermodel a very personal gift. But what do they have in common?

Right, kids! Reason enough for Harry’s wife, as well as the mother, a model Heidi a copy of it Kinderbuch «The Bench» to give. in your InstagramThe story, thanks toGNTM“- Judgment for her royal gift. “Thank you so much for sending in,” Heidi said.

Lo and behold: Meghan Markle left her some handwritten lines! 2021. the love From mother to mother… I hope you enjoy it,” said Heidi, the Duchess.

Fourfold Mother Pleased with heart news in the book. “Oh! I can’t wait to see her,” says Klum.

Do you also enjoy Royal Mail?

Like a bedtime story for their gang of scoundrels (11-17 years old) Heidi may no longer use the book. However: not everyone gets a royal parcel!

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