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Meghan Markle really wants to be friends with Taylor Swift

Meghan Markle really wants to be friends with Taylor Swift

Well, is someone turning into a Swiftie?

It's no secret that Meghan Markle, 42, wants to start in Hollywood. Celebrity friends can certainly be helpful.

The Duchess of Sussex already has a few stars in her environment. But Prince Harry's wife (39 years old) is still missing someone in particular: Taylor Swift (34 years old)!

The record-breaking singer is probably the biggest star right now. The American is not just a famous musician. Her relationship with famous football player Travis Kelce (34 years old) is currently making a lot of headlines. The couple is truly impressed online.

No wonder Meghan “desperately” wants to be friends with the global star. At least that's what American journalist and royal expert Kinsey Schofield tells GBN America.

“Meghan attended Taylor Swift's concert in Los Angeles and made sure the tabloids knew she was there.”

Schofield adds: “It was important for Meghan to let the gossip pages out there that she was there. She wanted people to know.”

The expert believes that when it comes to marketing, the Duchess wants to be like the “Cruel Summer” translator. “Taylor has gone from villain to hero and I'm sure Meghan looked at that transformation and thought: How can I do that?”

Stupid for Meghan Markle: Taylor Swift already has a group of friends together. These include, for example, actress Blake Levy (36 years old) and model Gigi Hadid (28 years old).

However, Meghan was rejected by the singer once. Prince Harry's wife was hoping for Taylor Swift to be a guest on her Spotify podcast called “Archetypes.” She even sent the musician a handwritten letter.

But without success. Taylor reportedly declined the invitation.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry turned their backs on the palace about four years ago. Since then they have been living in the United States with their children. But here too, the couple's popularity has actually declined, as royal expert Niall Gardiner recently told US media.

The reason for this? “The transatlantic campaign of hate and lies against the Royal Family has backfired spectacularly.”

The Sussexes have repeatedly besieged the British royal family with serious allegations in recent years. It all started in 2020 after she left the palace. The two gave an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey. In it, they accused the royal family of racism, among other things.