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Meghan Markle made Kate cry over Charlotte

Meghan Markle made Kate cry over Charlotte

Meghan Markle made Kate Middleton cry before the wedding. She is said to have unfavorably compared Charlotte to another flower girl.

The basics in brief

  • According to a book that tells everyone, Meghan Markle made Kate cry.
  • In a dispute, she was said to have compared Charlotte unfavorably.
  • The new book is based on the statements of about 80 people.

What really happened between Meghan Markle (40) and Kate Middleton (40) In front of the royal family wedding? Who made me cry?

Royal fans have been asking these questions for a long time. The first version says that Kate cried because of Megan. The American disagreed in an interview with Oprah Winfrey but. It was Kate who made her cry.

As The Daily Mail writes, Tom Power’s new disclosure book now confirms the first release: Meghan made Kate cry. Reason: Charlotte (7). This is what should be between in-laws the Royal family I got into an argument while trying to get dressed. They are said to have disagreed about how long flower girls’ skirts should be.

Kate wanted the skirt to be longer and that’s Charlotte Wear socks underneath. Meghan Markle, with the support of her friend Jessica Mulroney, refused to back down. She is said to have unfavorably compared Charlotte with Mulroney’s daughter Ivy. Then Kate burst into tears.

This account was told to him by anonymous sources, says Tom Power on Good Morning Britain. In total, he spoke to about 80 insiders. However, he also admits that not all sources are particularly friendly towards Meghan Markle. Because the Duchess forbade her friends and staff from speaking to him.

However, the disclosure biography is unbiased. Because he checked everything and didn’t post anything that wasn’t true and verifiable, according to Tom Power.

Are there differences in your family?

I don’t have any details about the evil feud Kate Middleton Nor did Meghan Markle speak. On Oprah, the former actress said Kate made her cry But he apologised. You are not confronted. Meghan didn’t want to say more because it wouldn’t be fair to Kate after the apology.

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