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Meghan Markle is the role model for Princess Charlotte!

Meghan Markle is the role model for Princess Charlotte!

Duchess Kate must be happy about that. Her daughter Charlotte does not want to be like her, but like the sister-in-law of Kate rival Meghan Markle.

The basics in brief

  • Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan are ardent enemies.
  • Now an insider is fueling the feud among the royal women once again.
  • For once, Zoff is all about kids.

These two sisters can’t stand each other. Meghan Markle (40) and Kate Middleton (also 40) They will probably never reconcile in their lifetime. Now the new discoveries are likely to fuel the dispute again.

A palace insider is chatting now on ‘Us Weekly’ from Kate’s daughter Princess Charlotte (6) simulates. cheeky mini-Royal does not take his mother as a role model, but Megan of all people!

Just like the black-haired beauty, Charlotte is said to be “very fit art And the actor Interested.” Meghan Markle was ahead of her wedding With Prince Harry (37) A well-known actress series.

She loves to show off her acting skills. The princess has no fear of the stage, the insider reveals. “Whenever she gets the chance, she gives an idea.”

Do you think Kate resents her daughter’s admiration for Megan?

Despite her passion for playing the stage, the six-year-old does not neglect school as a palace whisper assures her. Charlotte is also supposed to have a lot on her head!

The anonymous source reveals: “Charlotte is sharp and bright. She is at the top of her reading class. She actually loves to do her homework.”

Here, too, she appears to be mimicking Meghan Markle. The Californian was considered a focused student who reached the university with her diligence. During a semester abroad, I learned Spanish as a foreign language.

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