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Meghan Markle illegally accepted designer gifts

Meghan Markle has accepted designer gifts, according to Prince Harry. This is strictly forbidden to the royal family.


The basics in brief

  • In his book Spear, Harry talks about Meghan’s time with the royal family.
  • The Duchess has accepted corporate gifts, according to Harry.
  • As a member of the royal family, she was not allowed to do that.

Brings Prince Harry (38) Meghan Markle (41) in Devil’s Kitchen?

For years, rumors have been circulating in the British media that the Duchess has illegally carried out Gifts from designers Cosmetic brands are acceptable. Both the Royal family This is not allowed, they pay for their clothes themselves. That’s why they always send gifts.

Meghan Markle shared gifts with co-workers

It was said that Markle ignored this rule and took advantage of her royal title. Confirmed now Prince Harry This is in His memoir “Pieces” (“The Replacement” will be released on January 10).

But he claims: “She has All giftsWhat you got from clothes, perfumes and make-up shared with the staff ».

As the Daily Mail suspects, Harry is trying to prove that Markle did not bully her employees. He writes: “I never heard her say a bad word about anyone or anybody. On the contrary, I have seen her redouble her efforts and spread kindness.”

The Duchess also sent out handwritten letters of thanks and showered sick staff with flowers and candy.

Whether Harry was doing his wife a favor with these tales is questionable…

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