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Meghan Markle has a new boyfriend

Meghan Markle has a new boyfriend

Meghan Markle and singer Adele must get along very well. The two play sports together and meet for tea.

The basics in brief

  • Meghan Markle should get along with singer Adele.
  • The two women even play sports together.

Meghan Markle (40 years old) has been living for about a year Prince Harry (37) is already in the United States. And it looks like they found a link here.

The former actress was said to have a new boyfriend here in California – not just anyone! Such as “expensive“You know, he’s a British superstar of all people Adele (33) He became one of the Duchess’s closest confidants.

the two women He first met in England in 2017, when Meghan was still an active member of Royals I was. Both women are committed to the “Hubb Community Kitchen” – a type of women’s shelter. as Sussex die Then he moved to Los Angeles for a short time where Adele He lived for years, the friendship deepened.

Do you do a lot of sports?

Meghan Markle meets Adele Sports

The friend says:Adele And Megan reached out immediately and then regularly for tea and Pilates appointment. The singer at the time was on the verge of losing weight and had nutrition advice from Megan.

and not only with Adele Should Meghan Markle coexist brilliantly? Also pop icon Elton John (74) and Mediator James Corden, 43, attends meetings regularly.

The British singer should have gotten the million dollar deal for Meghan and Harry Netflix and interview with Oprah Winfrey (67) Introduction. Like Megan, I recently sat on Oprah’s couch. The insider explains, “They benefit from each other, understand each other through their own experience and also have touch points as parents.”

Since Meghan and Harry moved to Montecito, the two women have been exchanging the latest gossip over the videophone.

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