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Meghan Markle fans attack the Duchess Kate!

Meghan Markle fans attack the Duchess Kate!

Like a role model, like a fan. Meghan Markle’s fans are casting allegations against Duchess Kate.

The basics in brief

  • Meghan and Kate can’t stand each other.
  • Hatred spreads to their fans.
  • They beat each other on Twitter.

the wearers Royals Prince Harry (37) and Meghan Markle (40) continue to shoot the British royal family. Apparently, this behavior also affected their fans.

Because: Redhead and black-haired beauty fans are now targeting Kate (40)!

The accusation against the royal model: she has to copy her clothes from the hated sister-in-law, Megan. A few days ago, she furnished it with her husband Prince William (39) visited an English language hospital. There, the radiant woman charmed everything and everyone who wore her beige coat.

Megan fans have deja vu with these pictures. The former series actress also wore a beige coat when she appeared in New York last year.

Kate is trying to look like Meghan Markle.

employment Twitter The mother of three is now humiliated by the name ‘Cubbie Kate’. “She’s bought all of Meghan Markle’s coats,” wrote Megan Hassig fans.

Sussex fans have dismissed other users’ objections to women dressing like this in the winter. “Kate only started wearing this when her unregistered sister-in-law showed up,” they’re sure.

What do you say about the counterfeit criticism against the Duchess Kate?

And with another outfit, when visiting a museum, Kate is said to have been inspired by Meghan Markle. An angry user wrote: “She was wearing a jumpsuit and a turn-down collar coat, just as Megan wears her coats.”

Then he doubled down: “It’s too bad that Kate is imitating Diana’s clothes. But now she’s trying to look like Megan too!”

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