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Meghan Markle drives a wedge between Duchess Kate and Eugenie

Meghan Markle drives a wedge between Duchess Kate and Eugenie

Maybe they never loved each other. But now there must be a bitter ice age between Duchess Kate and Princess Eugenie, thanks to Meghan Markle.

The basics in brief

  • Did Meghan Markle cut a gap between Kate and Eugenie?
  • The Ice Age is supposed to be between the duchess and the princess.

The end, the end, the end!

The status of Duchess Kate (40) and Princess Eugenie (32) should be roughly the same.

The reason for the ice state is Princess Eugenie’s association with the United States of America. More precisely to Prince Harry (37) and Meghan Markle (40). In two no longer active the Royal family He continues to detain Eugenie despite all circumstances.

According to the American newspaper “New Idea”, Eugenie’s recent visit to Montecito should have caused an excess of mood.

“Kate and Eugenie have never been particularly close before,” she says. “But Kate made it a point to stop at the birth of baby August.”

“Kate has been a huge help to Eugenie as she adjusts to new motherhood.”

Will Duchess Kate and Princess Eugenie get back together?

During these moments, Duchess Kate was said to have been very open about Princess Eugenie. “She poured her heart out over many personal things. Including her feelings about Meghan Markle and Harry leaving the family.”

Moreover: “And not only that, but Harry and Meghan Markle then publicly discredited the family. I entrusted all this to Eugenie.”

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