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Meghan Markle cancels 'Suits' spin-off

Meghan Markle cancels 'Suits' spin-off

There is always speculation that Meghan Markle, 42, wants to return to Hollywood. But now she's canceling the show, “Suits.”

But now it's had a second spring: last summer it arrived on Netflix and quickly became one of its most-watched series. The spin-off “Suits: LA” was later announced. It has to continue with new characters, new actors, and in a new city.

It was rumored that Meghan would make another appearance as well. But sources close to the show confirmed to the Daily Mail that this will not be the case. Meghan has no plans to participate. The screenwriters created the “perfect role” for her.

But she would have liked to participate in the show, according to sources. Not as an actress, but as a producer through her company Archewell. “Archewell tried to sneak in.”

The company denies this, saying it had no intention of participating.

Meghan Markle is reportedly no longer in contact with her former 'Suits' co-stars. Gina Torres, a former close friend, appeared at the Golden Globe Awards in January with other actors from the show. She explained Meghan's absence to E News: “We don't have her number.” All the other “Suits” stars are in a chat group to maintain contact.