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Meghan Markle attacks BBC after lying in court

Meghan Markle attacks BBC after lying in court

The court battle with the Associated Press ended. Meghan Markle is now targeting the next media house.

The basics in brief

  • Meghan Markle feuded with the Associated Press in court.
  • But now the process is over – and the Duchess is looking for a new victim.
  • The BBC’s media house should invest warmly.

Meghan Markle (40) doesn’t want to let that sit on her!

The Duchess of Sussex has complained to the BBC about alleged false statements. It’s about her The court lies in this process v. The Associated Press.

Megan has always confirmed that she has never shared any information with the ‘Finding Freedom’ biographer. But looking into the past, it should turn out that this is a simple cheat.

Because: later a wife Prince Harry (37) He admitted that he disclosed private details. She knew that a staff member at the time was sending information to the book’s author. However, I simply “forgot” it.

Before The High Court of London I apologized at that time. However, the BBC reported it incorrectly Same as the former actress Sorry for the “misleading”.

A small difference that seems to be very important to Megan. Because it has now pushed Media House to make a statement.

Would you like to meet Meghan Markle sometime?

The Duchess of Sussex asked us to clarify that she will be attending a party Tennis Court She apologized for not remembering the emails with former communications officer Jason Knauf in her testimony,” the BBC told The Mirror.

Is Meghan Markle’s topic over now?

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