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Meghan and Harry are on the hunt for a new mega-property in America

Royals Meghan Markle and Prince Harry currently live in beautiful Montecito, California. The $14 million mansion, also known as the “Riven Rock Palace,” includes five acres, nine bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, a pool, tennis court, playground, library, cinema, and rose gardens. Actually, more than you need.

Because according to the magazine
Daily Mail
“It’s not enough for a young family. They want a bigger house. It doesn’t give them enough space,” a source told the magazine.

Meghan and Harry are famous neighbors

The Sussexes had a garden nearby Los Angeles Purchased in June 2020 after turning his back on the British Royal Family. Earlier it belonged to him Russian Oligarch and billionaire Sergey Krishin (56). Your Key Neighbors: Talk Show Legends Oprah Winfrey (68) and Ellen DeGeneres (64)

Where do couples want to go now? They are said to be interested in an exclusive condominium in Hope Ranch, just eight miles from their current home.

New villa, new community

“Rumour around town is that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have already bought a private estate at Hope Ranch or are looking at it after realizing their Montecito mansion doesn’t offer them enough space,” he writes.
Santa Barbara News Press

Properties in the posh area are said to cost up to US$22 million. The community offers a country and golf club. Also tennis courts, picnic areas and horse trails.