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Mega Project: Solar Power Station connecting Australia and Singapore

10/01/2021 – Australia and Singapore tackle one of the largest and most ambitious photovoltaic projects. One of the tallest solar parks is being built in northern Australia, 800 kilometers south of Darwin, where the earth’s flat and the sun’s radiation is higher than in some parts of the world.

The largest solar power plant with an output of 17 to 20 gigawatts will generate electricity on 12,000 hectares of dry land. It is several times larger than the current largest solar park in India with a production of 2.2 GW. A battery storage system with a capacity of 36 to 42 gigawatt hours – almost unimaginable – completes the power plant on the outskirts of Australia and ensures a steady flow of electricity.

The electricity is to be sent to shore via overhead lines and then delivered to Singapore at sea site via a 3,750 km high voltage direct submarine cable. Australia-Asia Power Link is the name of a project led by the Australian company Sun Cable. Once completed, Singapore will be able to meet 15 percent of its electricity needs from this source. According to Sun Cable, this renewable energy supply will reduce Singapore’s emissions by 6 million tonnes a year.

Environmental studies and financial activities are currently underway. Capital mobilization is expected to be completed by 2023, after which construction will begin soon. From 2027, the power plant and power connection should be in normal operation. Investments in the 70-year plan are estimated at $ 26 billion. About 1,500 jobs will be created during the construction phase and 350 jobs during the process.

The Indonesian government, which runs a submarine cable across its territorial waters, supports the project. Permission has been granted for underwater exploration. Indonesia will propose the correct route of the submarine cable; In return, $ 2.5 billion in investment will flow into Indonesia. Sun Cable has pledged to transfer knowledge to Indonesian educational institutions. pf