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Medical Mystery in America: A School – 103 Brain Tumors!  – News Abroad

Medical Mystery in America: A School – 103 Brain Tumors! – News Abroad

Al Lubiano defeated cancer. But when more and more people around him became ill with rare brain tumors, it made him suspicious – he wanted to get to the bottom of the matter. Eventually, Lupiano linked at least 100 brain cancers from his hometown, which is linked by incredible detail: all of the victims went to the same high school!

Colonia High School in Woodbridge (New Jersey, USA) is at the center of medical mystery, causing a stir in the United States.

The lawsuit was probably funded by Lubiano’s wife, Michael, in August 2021, when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The American had a similar tumor 22 years ago. According to his doctors, there is a 1 in 1 billion chance of something like this happening.

Al Lubiano with his wife Michael: Both were diagnosed with brain tumors

But that’s not all: on the same day with his wife, doctors also found a brain tumor in Lubiano’s sister. Three people, three rare tumors! In an interview with, Lupiano said, “It’s like three people being struck by lightning in one day. His sister dies shortly after the illness.

Lupiano learns that a similar case in Woodbridge-Colonia 14 years ago caused two sisters to develop brain tumors eight days apart.

They all attended the same school

At the time, Al Lubiano had a shocking impression: all five were graduates of Colonia High School. A public school established in 1967 with 1300 students.

Lupiano continues to research and see many more events. He recalled: “I thought to myself: What’s going on here? I’m starting to think about what this publicity has done to us.

He finally shares his findings on Facebook and receives messages from affected high school students or those who worked there. Al Lubiano was able to collect 103 brain tumors in six weeks. Most of them graduated between 1975 and 2000.

Sumul Rawal, one of New Jersey’s leading neuro-oncologists specializing in brain tumors, said: “This is a remarkable discovery.

Woodridge Mayor John McCormack agreed: “There may be a real problem here, and our residents deserve to know if there’s any danger.” We all care and want to get to the bottom of it. This is definitely not normal. “

Beginning this weekend, various radiological studies will be carried out, including the study of indoor air samples at the 28-hectare school site.

Investigations are currently underway at Colonia High School

Investigations are currently underway at Colonia High School

Al Lubiano is adamant: “This cannot be a normal coincidence.”