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Measures taken in 40 countries against US siege of Cuba

The Europa Cuba Channel today announced operations in about 40 countries as part of a global trade drive against the US siege of the island, scheduled for March 27 and 28.

In its 23rd broadcast, analysts Jose Antonio Toledo and Michael Mesagna noted that the number of countries is likely to grow in the coming days.

They also called on solidarity organizations and global citizens to join the effort put forward by the channel at the end of last February, rejecting the economic, trade and financial blockade imposed on the Caribbean nation 60 years ago.

They demanded that traders, rallies, marches and other planned activities be recorded on photos and videos in order to spread this and other media and social networks.

Europe for Cuba, through Toledo and Meszna, reiterated the importance of rejecting the US siege with a global voice, which they described as genocide. Analysts recalled that the channel was a platform to protect the island against attacks, to spread its reality, and to be ignored or manipulated by the mainstream media.

The Cuban protagonist insisted that we were all soldiers who had no ambition other than to defend it and tell the truth about it.

World Caravan Days forecast action on March 27 in Asia, Oceania, Africa, South America and Europe, while 28 corresponds to North and Central America.

During tonight’s event, many messages of support and gratitude were sent for the initiative, from which Gerardo Hernandez, one of the five Cuban anti – terrorist terrorists who served in prison in the United States to defend their country, was sent from the island.

Activists from Argentina, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Serbia and France also intervened to provide details of the measures organized in response to the call against the Cuban siege.