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Max Payne celebrates his 20th birthday

Max Payne celebrates his 20th birthday

On Saturday, it’s been exactly 20 years since Max Payne first became available for PC. Remedy Entertainment would like to thank fans for the anniversary.

The basics in brief

  • The Max Payne series of games turned 20 last Saturday.
  • Developer Remedy Entertainment thanks fans in a short video.
  • Also shown here is the original cast of the iconic police detective.

It’s the year 200 and police detective Max Payne is celebrating his first assignment in the world of computer games. Since then, in Game series of console mods for PS2 and X-Box And two more titles later. On July 23, it’s time and the popular third-person shooter celebrated 20 years since it was first published.

Max Payne personally thanks fans

In the anniversary video, James McCaffrey speaks directly to fans of the series. the the actor He embodied Payne’s role in gaming in his day. Without fans, Max Payne wouldn’t have become such a “creative media frenzy,” according to McCaffrey.

In the clip, Max Payne’s developers and actors address fans.

Sam Lake, Creative Director of Remedy, also speaks in the clip and thanks development team. He also thanks the fans and announces today newsletter to receive from the players.

Finally, Lake shows off the hero’s iconic leather jacket, which he “discovered in the basement of Remedy Entertainment.” On high gear, McCaffrey accompanies him with an original quote from the game. However, it remains unclear if Pine will reappear in a game at some point.

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