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Matthias Rem: “Should something change?”

Matthias Rem undergoes plastic surgery

But in the meantime, Matthias Rem seems to be getting better again, he just posted a totally surprising duet with rapper Finch Asuzial called “Pech & Sulfur,” which his fans celebrated wildly shortly after it was posted. The 65-year-old is always good for a surprise – and so it’s really no surprise that he’s now with his Walking to the Beauty Doc accompanied by cameras.

With “photo”, the now successful star visited Dr. Werner Mange to get one of his wrinkles – The so-called nasolabial fold – Hyaluronic acid injection. explicitly stated:

If you are not comfortable with things, change them. I said to the professor: I have a Merkel line, can you do something about it? Without raising me to a young man. I’ve been looking at this wrinkle for years and always thought to myself: Damn, I don’t want that!

Aside from that aforementioned wrinkle, Matthias Rem is at peace with himself and his signs of aging: I’m 65, you can see that too. explained. However, if something bothers him about his reappearance in the future, he won’t shy away from further intrusions: “If something bothers me again, I will correct it.”

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