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Matt Alex Krauer (90)

Matt Alex Krauer (90)

Alex Krauer passed away on December 5 at the age of 90. Novartis confirmed to Keystone-SDA news agency a corresponding report in the Basler Zeitung on Wednesday.

Alex Krauer was closely associated with the chemical boom and later pharmaceutical position in Basel throughout his career. As president and long-time delegate of the chemical multinational Ciba-Geigy, he was one of the architects of the large-scale merger between his group and rival Sandoz in 1996. He was president of the new Novartis group until 1999.

Under Krauer’s auspices, the transformation or concentration of previously broad-based chemical companies into pharmaceutical groups occurred during these years. Crower distinguished himself as a cadre figure without fear of the common people. He also built himself a reputation early on as a business leader who took environmental sustainability seriously.

In 1998, Krauer took over the chair of the UBS board of directors from unhappy actor Matisse Kapialavita. There he accomplished the task of rebuilding confidence in the big, publicly faltering bank. In 2000 he handed over this position to Marcel Auspel.

Until the beginning of 2005 Alex Krauer was finally President of the University Council of the University of Basel.