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Matches in Australia – Kerber and Nadal: The woes of the comeback

Matches in Australia – Kerber and Nadal: The woes of the comeback

As of: January 5, 2024 7:42 pm

Angelique Kerber and Rafael Nadal have a difficult return to first tennis. Struggling with one's own strength above all else can be seen in both of them in Australia.

Like Rafael Nadal Central Court As he left, a sudden smile blossomed. It was at that moment that the Spanish tennis superstar realized he needed a standing ovation at Australia's Pat Rafter Arena. Brisbane One last time in his personal life ATP Tour heard Despite his sadness, he clearly enjoyed it.

The 37-year-old is on his farewell tour this year – and was knocked out in the quarterfinals of the tournament, losing to local hero Jordan Thompson (7:5, 6:7; 3:6). A player Nadal had beaten relatively easily in their two previous encounters. Now he has been missing for several phases come back Typical dominance, well-known brute force of his game. Nadal should be finished by the end of November – maybe even earlier?

Similar pain last year

At the very least, it is now apparent that Nadal's long, almost year-long layoff due to injury is taking its toll under the increased stress. The match against Australia lasted 3:19 hours in almost 30 degrees and high humidity. With the score at 1:4 in the third set, Nadal had to take a break for treatment. In his earlier, younger years, it was a situation he could not have imagined.

The pain is in the same place as it was a year ago, but it feels like the muscles are overstretched due to fatigue. Last season it was muscular and the feeling was completely different because I noticed it more.”Nadal said later. “After a year without competition, a lot of things can happen to my body. Hopefully the muscles in that area are just stressed.”

The Spaniard's great goal was to return to his “living room” in Paris Central Court Inside Roland GarrosAnd should play a good role in the Olympic tennis tournament next summer at the same venue.

So does Gerber difficulties

Experts predict that the pressure of a competition cannot be simulated in training. “It's definitely very difficult to get back to your old fitness level after such a long time. It's very difficult to go through this torture again.”German Tennis Federation (TDB) head national coach Michael Coleman told Sportska immediately before the start of the Australian tournament.

Of course, this athlete rule also applies to Angelique Gerber. The 35-year-old wants to return to the top of the world after a year-and-a-half baby break after the birth of her daughter Liana.

Unlike Nadal, Kerber has yet to win any of her three singles matches United Cup Determines herself and finds her rhythm more clearly. Against Greek Maria Zakari, currently ranked eighth in the world and Kerber's last opponent, she was 0:6; 3:6 No chance – because Kerber's strength was visibly waning.

Gerber also suffers

The high speed and weather conditions demanded all of the former world number one's strength reserves. ‚ÄúTraining is different than competition, I know that” said Gerber in advance of her comeback. “I need matches.”

The undesired effects that too many preparatory games can have are particularly evident with Nadal. Both want to be there from January 14 Australian Open Circuit are competing. Will it work?

“I'm not here to win tournaments. I'm here to play tennis again and do my best.”said the Spaniard. “Hopefully I can train and play in Melbourne next week, but I'm not 100% sure.”