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Massive fire destroys buildings in Sydney

Massive fire destroys buildings in Sydney

In the Australian metropolis of Sydney, a seven-story building in the city center was destroyed by a terrible fire. More than 120 firefighters are working to douse the fire.

05/25/2023 | 00:20 min

A fire has broken out in a multi-storey building in the center of Sydney, Australia. The fire broke out around 4pm local time for reasons that are still unclear in the Surry Hills district near the main station, the fire brigade said on Thursday.

According to preliminary results, there were no injuries. More than 120 emergency services and around 30 vehicles are in operation. The fire is now under control.

According to media reports, the former factory near Elizabeth Street was empty but used as a shelter by the homeless. More than 50 people were evacuated from the building, according to broadcaster 9News.

A part of the seven-storey building collapsed in the fire. Videos on local media showed the roof collapsing and part of the facade collapsing. The fire department itself spoke of an “inferno”.

Nearby houses were also evacuated for fear of the fire spreading. A parked car also caught fire. Thick black smoke was seen all over the city. Several roads in the area were closed.